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PRAYER POINTS:  for March Special Holy Ghost Service
1. Praise God that you are still alive today; since the enemy has not been able to kill you till this moment, the enemies has lost the battle. Praise the Almighty God for sparing your life.
2. Lift your voice to God and say father, let your fire fall and destroy all my yokes.
3. Father, empower me now so that whatever i touch will prosper.
4. Father, arise and scatter all my enemies; enemies known and unknown.
5. Father, disappoint all my house hold foes.
6.Restore my destiny fully,
7. Let me laugh last
8. Father put a new song in my mouth
9. Personal request
10. Prayers for the General overseer.

1.   King of glory I praise you, Lord of host I worship you. Spend good time praising Him.

2.  In the name of Jesus, every gate blocking my vision, lift up your head now.

3.  In the name of Jesus, every gate blocking my hearing, be lifted up now

4.   Every gate blocking my testimonies, lift up your head now

5.  Every gate blocking my breakthrough, be lifted now

6.  Every gate to my destiny, lift up your head now

7.   Every gate reluctant to open, Lord of host break them to pieces

8.   King of glory, move in massively into every facet of my life and everything the opposite of glory, flush them out.

9.  Father, fill my mouth with new testimonies

10.  Your personal request.

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