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Frequently Asked Questions on Broadcast Service

We already stream our message on our website, how do we need Liveway?

Liveway gives you unbelievable expansion, your own website regardless of its size may be limiting the reach of your message.  Easily! You can greatly expand your reach with Liveway.TV and Liveway Radio beyond what you can do on your own website.  Liveway offers portal that keep expanding in technology and innovation.  Imagine your message on all mobile devices worldwide.  That's evangelism at its best

How reliable is your network?

Extremely reliable! Liveway.TV and Liveway Radio platform was developed and designed by one of the top web developer engineering groups in the industry.  We utilize proprietary technology that undergoes constant testing and refinement to ensure a nearly perfect listener experience. We operate and manage our own data servers for constant quality and performance monitoring.

How can Contents Providers become part of Liveway.TV's and Liveway Radio Network?

We are open and eager to work with recognized and well established content providers that have ownership of their contents and have qualified to be part of the Liveway Productions Network.  We are adding content providers and listeners regularly and work with broadcasters that share our commitment to providing quality platform to our subscribers.

What does it cost to join Liveway Radio and Liveway.TV's network?

Our broadcast packages are carefully reviewed to be very affordable.  We have packages that will definitely fit your budget.  You can gradually increase your coverage as you go along to any level of your choice and extend your reach farther than you would have with traditional media.

How reliable is your technical help or support  when we need help?  How can we make our request?

If you need help from installation, uploading to operating your subscribed channel, we give you very reliable and professional help from the outset.  To request help from us simply call our office or email us   and our Technical Support Team will respond to you as quickly as possible.

What do I need  to do in order to be on Liveway Radio and subscribe to Liveway.TV?

If you need help making a choice from our rate plans, you can call us or email us for help and we shall guild you on how to get started.


What are the most effective ways to promote this service to our listeners?

We can promote your service by creating jingles on our Radio and other media for your contents at subsidized cost.  We can create banner for your service on our website at subsidized cost.  You can create flyers and posters to promote the service to your friends and family or your group members.  At regular intervals, you can email your friends about the service.  You can place the link on your home page leading to your contents on Liveway.TV  Many of our content providers do contact their friends and families via Twitter and Facebook pages as well.

Is Liveway Radio service free to the listeners?

Yes. Unlike Satellite radio or cable/satellite TV, Liveway Radio is free to listeners.  Liveway Radio does not charge listeners for access to our service.

How long does it take for our contents to be up and running?

From the time we receive your information and your required initial one-time payment, we will process your application right away and provide you with your gateway identification login access.  After authentication, you should be up and running in no time. Before going live we will check all the parameters to ensure reliability connection to our streaming servers.


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Oyingbo, Lagos-Nigeria
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Mowe, Ogun-Nigeria
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Liveway Radio and Liveway TV  are Gospel media outreach ministries of The Redeemed Christian Church of God

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